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Trish Ackerman

I love your calendar paintings in Under the Influence. I recently took a class from Gina at Artfest. I would like to start the online Under the Influence class (I bought the calendar for next year) Where do you think I should start? The original one? and does it matter what month I start do you think? I like how it keeps you creating everyday? Does it?

I love your blog. So fun to read.

Christine Kalina

Thank you so much Trish! "Under the Influence" is an awesome collaborative. I'd recommend signing up now and starting where ever you choose. It is a wonderful jump start to creating on a daily basis. This class and "No More Excuses", also a Gina on-line class, have really helped me develop a daily art practice. It is the first thing I do in the morning...well almost the first thing. Gina is a fabulous teacher and I would highly recommend any of her classes.

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